Legacy Photography Awards

We are looking for the best photographers in the world.

September Edition

The deadline ends on October 25th. 

Welcome to

Legacy Photography Awards

Legacy Photography Awards was born with the aim of highlighting and disseminating the work of the best international photographers through a monthly contest.

In this  edition we have decided that the themes of the contest are Child Portrait Photography, Newborn Photography and Maternity Photography and we would be delighted to show your best works to the world.

They should be photographs in which the artistic vision of the photographer is shown, and where the beauty of the image should take precedence over other concepts. Both mastery in photographic technique and the concept behind the final image will be valued. 

In future editions we would like to add more categories to our contest and we would love for them to be chosen by you. That is why we offer a brief survey where you can vote for your favorite subject.


Child portrait photography

© Honorata Jabłońska

€ 100 prize money to the winner !!

Digital Winner Accreditation

Newborn Photography

© Tina Goricar

€ 100 prize money to the winner !!

Digital Winner Accreditation.

Maternity photography

© Myriam Tabib

€ 100 prize money to the winner !!

Digital Winner Accreditation

4 reasons why we should participate in this contest

It is a way of showing the world our work and obtaining recognition and dissemination of our talent in a broader way than by other channels.

Clients like their photographer to be up-to-date, developing and to recognize their work internationally and it is a way to increase the number of visits to our social networks and therefore.

It is a showcase where we can test new ideas and be evaluated.

We gain confidence and learn self-criticism, reassessing the photos we want to take to the competition. This process makes us a better photographer, win or not.


Second Prize

– Free participation with 3 photographs in the next edition of the contest.

– Second  prize accreditation certificate.

First Prize

– 150€

– Winner acredition certificate.

Third Prize

– Free participation with 1 photograph in the next edition of the contest.

– Third prize accreditation certificate.

Honorable Mentions

Diploma accrediting

International Photographer of the Year 2020

Maternity photography

© Karen Egeberg

Newborn Photography

©Jade Davies

Child portrait photography

©Gabriela Homolová