Legacy Photography Awards is a monthly international photography competition open to both amateur and professional photographers aged 18 years and over and that aims to show you the most amazing family photographers of the world.

All participants must read and agree to the rules described below.

The participation period of each edition will be from the 1st to the 25th of each month. On 31st the results of the contest will be published on our website and on Facebook.


All participants will retain the right of their images, grant royalty-free licence in each entry to Legacy Photography Awards, the right to use for self-promotion related to Legacy Photography Awards on any media fully crediting the photographer in each case.

Participants claim to be the authors of their work, have the copyright of the images presented and the authorization of the people who appear in them. In any case, the organization is not responsible for possible infringements of copyright or intellectual property right by the participants in case of complaint.

Any entry that does not meet these requirements will be disqualified by the organization.

Images that are considered pornographic, violent, obscene, that incite hatred in any variant (racism, sexism, religion …) as well as any that may be considered offensive by the organization will be disqualified. The organization will at all times have the right to eliminate a certain photograph before or after its publication if it considers it appropriate, as well as to exclude participants who do not comply with these rules, in future editions of the contest.

If digital  templates are used, the photographers must be the authors of the templates. Photographs using digital templates or images or parts of images not taken by the photographer will be eliminated from the competition.
The use of digital textures or backgrounds from third parties is permitted, “texture” being defined as a shape or surface of a non-solid and non-identifiable nature.

Digital backgrounds must be perfectly integrated into the photograph, visually respecting the lighting used by the photographer and the shadows generated by that lighting.

The photographs submitted to the competition must not have a logo, watermark or name in order to maintain the anonymity of the authors.that


The photographs presented will be judged by the Legacy Photography Awards team and they will evaluate the originality, composition, lighting, creativity, visual impact and quality of retouching in case there is.

The team will choose a Winner, a Second and Third place in each category, as well as an indeterminate number of Honorable Mentions.

Said Honorable Mentions will be divided into 3 levels:

  • Honorable Mention Gold will be awarded to photographs that have reached an exceptional level and mastery of all areas. The Honorable Mentions Gold will have been candidates for the podium.
  • Honorable Mention Silver will be awarded to photographs that the judges consider excellent in their execution in most areas.
  • Honorable Mention Bronze will be achieved to those photographs that the judges consider deserve to be highlighted.

The winners and Honorable Mentions will receive an email and will be announced on the website and social networks of Legacy Photography Awards. The winners of each category received their awards in approximately one week after the verdict.

The winners will be responsible for the possible costs associated with the acceptance of the prize.

Legacy Photography Awards reserves the right to modify the prizes in other subsequent editions but always announcing it before the registration period of the contestants.


The images must have a size of 1920 pixels on the longest side and saved to jpg and 150 ppi with a maximum of 2 MB.

Images with logos or watermarks will not be accepted.

Once the images are uploaded you will receive an email that will indicate that you are already registered in the contest.


Legacy Photography Awards reserves the right to suspend the contest in case that circumstances do not make it possible, such as computer or technical problems.

In any case, if these facts happened during the period of registration, Legacy Photography Awards is committed to returning the entry fees for all the participants.

Legacy Photography Awards reserves the right to modify the rules of the competition by notifying participants that may be affected by these changes.


The winner of each category will receive € 100 prize money and a Digital Winner Certificate that accredits them as winner of the edition.
Those in Second and Third position can participate for free with three photographs each in the next edition of the contest. Likewise, an undetermined number of Honorable Mentions will be
awarded to photographs that, for certain reasons, the Legacy Photography Awards team believes should be highlighted.

A digital certificate will be sent to each author of an Honorable Mention.

At the end of the year, the International Photographer of the Year will be chosen in each category. To do this, the judges will take into account the podiums obtained, the number and level of the Honorable Mention achieved and the regularity of participation of each contestant.

Both the winners and the finalists for International Photographer of the Year will obtain an accrediting trophy.

Likewise, all the participants that accumulate 5 or more mentions  (whether they are Podium or Honorable Mention Gold) will have the right to a place in the Master Gallery on our website and they will be able to add to this gallery with each photo rewarded.