What does Photography mean to me, well this is easy.
Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with photography, the idea of creating lifelong memories of events long gone. To think I could sit going through my Grans photo album and look at photos of relatives I never met, to know what they looked like and be able to see familiar features. 
When my daughter was born I became obsessed with recording everything. Taking photos of something that may be silly to others was very important to me. I wanted to remember all of this! As my daughter started to grow she was not so happy to be the center of my need to photograph so I started looking for other people to photograph, I wanted to get better at this, I wanted to take the best photos possible, I needed to practice.
When I realised that people would pay me to do this I decided to open my business. I specalised in Newborns as newborn safety is something I am passionate about and wanted to help new families have these memories but keeping Newborn safety at the front of every session. 
I now have a thriving Photography business and I am loving each and every moment of it.