My name is Kinga. I’m Polish and I’m a main photographer in Foto Art Kokocinscy.

Photography has always been a passion, but hasn’t always been a business. It is my dealing with the people I meet and photograph, that really makes photography rewarding. From high flying heads of large companies, to humble and shy couples on their wedding day, my clients invite me into their slice of the world, allowing me to share even if only for a moment. My work is like a backstage pass into lives. I love that. And I treat it with respect. I love soulful, touching, artistic and timeless photos. I strive to capture the little moments in life that are meant to be treasured.

My specialty is women’s, children’s , maternity and family photograpy. I also love fine art and fantasy  photography. I believe that with a female portrait photoshoot, every woman can discover and celebrate her beauty, because in spite of the years behind her, she is always beautiful and unique.