As a mum of two I know the importance of capturing wonderful images of our children to treasure for a lifetime. They change so quickly, tiny features grow bigger by the day, the tooth fairy is on her constant mission to capture baby teeth and chubby cheeks soon make way for emerging grown up smiles. Every day is different and special, at Little Pip Photography we are honoured to join you on your journey to remembering even the smallest details of your children.


The real ‘Little Pip’ has reached the grand old age of 16 now and our business has grown with her, capturing her first smile to her latest triumphs. She still loves rainbows, violet sparkles and the possibility of fairies living in our garden (but that’s probably just to keep me happy!) 


Photography is a life long passion and I pour my heart into every session, from fine art portraiture to events, to corporate branding and our fluffy family friends. One day we will loo bad and these photographs will be the most precious gift that we could ever imagine.