My story:

“Shooting is holding your breath, when all the faculties come together to capture the fleeting reality.”

I am a person who likes to learn EVERYTHING and wants to be able to. 
So there has been years of searching for the job that really suits me.
I have already completed many courses and I always start 100% on a chapter but there was always something that I was missing.

I had actually been taking photos for years and quickly saved my money as a student for my first SLR. 📸
I have always taken photos and videos at parties and was often asked to take photos for a birthday, baby shower, family celebration, gala, …
I have also successfully made YouTube videos for years with no fewer than 300 videos and 3000 followers.😇

As a training I did child care, later I became a beautician, I started my own salon as a secondary profession and started to specialize as an Aesthetic Expert.

In the meantime I worked as a domestic help because these were nice hours to combine with my family.

My husband has 2 children and I wanted to be there for them and pick them up from school myself.
I stopped my profession as a beautician when I became pregnant myself. 🤰
It sounds cliché but your whole life changes from that moment on. 🍼
My salon became a (beautiful) children’s room. I went to night school as an administrative assistant because I wanted to help my husband with his administration. He is independent and therefore has little time…

When our daughter was born a nurse quickly took a few pictures with my husband’s cell phone and WOW those pictures are SO dear to me now! 

The emotion and love of the first moments I held them in my arms.

I got a lot of positive reactions to all the pictures I made of our daughter and then I knew,…

I want to do THIS for others too!