My name is Lizzie Ali and I run my photography business under the name Peacock Photography. A peacock is a very beautiful creature – colourful and majestic and Peacock was also the surname of my late grandparents to whom I was very close. Peacock Photography is a tribute to them and all the very happy memories I hold.

My interest in photography stems also from my father who himself is an accomplished photographer and has inspired me to follow my dream. My enthusiasm and desire for photography doubled following the birth of my two sons when I  realised that time passes by so quickly I needed to capture on camera as much of their early years as I possibly could.

I regard photography as a powerful art form which can constantly be improved and inspired by surroundings and emotions and my aim is to capture as much of this as possible within my images. Photoshop is a feature of my editing to enable me to enhance and produce a final image of the finest quality.

I believe a photographer’s journey has no end and I constantly endeavour to learn more, to challenge myself and improve.

Peacock Photography offers Wedding Packages, Maternity and Newborn shoots, and Outdoor Family Sessions. My speciality is working with children and I love to photograph them as naturally as possible, capturing the true side of childhood, be it feeding ducks, collecting bugs, or simply jumping in a puddle!

My passion therefore is to capture moments in time and create beautiful images focusing on colour, light and shade for individuals and families to treasure as wonderful memories forever.